A short video registering the workshop organized by the startup Vidcode. It features a group of incredibly talented teenagers learning how to make professional videos and coding at the YouTube Space in New York.

I shot and edited this film commissioned by Vidcode – a startup that teaches computer science through digital media projects. 
I shot using DSLR cameras + Zoom H4N recorder. Edited at Premiere.


Promotional Mother’s Day video for Kollabora. It features crafters sharing memories about how their moms influenced their work. It also includes two DYI tutorials.

All the three videos were made by Päivy Kankaro and me commissioned by Kollabora, a community of makers sharing DIY projects.
We shot using DSLR cameras + Zoom H4N recorder. Edited at Avid.

Simão Says

A video featuring Simão, a memory game inspired by Simon Says. The electronic toy was designed by Gabriel Gianordoli and the video shows its basic gameplay.

Gabriel and I collaborated in making this video. I’m also one of the test users :)
I shot using DSLR cameras. Edited at Final Cut.